Wedding Dress Shopping with The Girls!

Yay! KT is getting married!! The 2nd of S.K.A.N.K.'s! So we all made a little trip to Pittsburgh to look for some dresses for KT! And obviously I can't post any of those pictures here in case her future hubby tries to see how beautiful she looks in her wedding dress before the big day! Which I guess we didn't really find "The Dress" . . . but we have a couple ones that we really liked on her! I think we are all leaning towards the "Maggie". Anyways . . . here are some pictures from our adventures:

This was at our "photo shoot" at KT & Mike's (Randie's) place. We love pictures. We love being with each other. We love when Mike takes pictures of us. (from left to right - Mase, KT, Nikkie, Me, KC)

This was our "lets set the camera on a timer and hold up a dress" picture. (ooh! I really love that yellow dress . . I don't know why I'm so obsessed with yellow dresses now . . )

Ha! Probably my favorite of the trip! During our photo shoot. . . Mike asked who wants M&M's . . . and those were our reactions!! We are crazy. . . I know . . . but we have so much fun together no matter what we are doing. I love it.

Ooops! These are kinda out of order, but here is a pic of the beautiful scenery we got to see on our way to and from Pittsburgh. This photo doesn't even do justice to how seriously breathtaking it was!

Aww! This was us girls at "Dozen" . . a yummy cupcake place that we went to for breakfast before the dress shopping! It appears to have become our "breakfast place". (They sell cinammon rolls and quiche and fruit crisp also.)

Pretty pic of Pittsburgh!

And probably my 2nd fav . . . Mase thought we were leaving her out . . . so she made this silly face! Ahh my girls!! Can't believe we are moving home and I will get to see them so much more!! :-) And that we are going on a cruise in like a month and two weeks!! Crazy! :-)

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