Epoxy Pro!

So . . . I liked my uncle's garage floor . . . so we did our garage floor (in grey) . . . my other uncle liked it so he did his garage floor . . . and then we helped Shane's mom do her floor (in tan) (she owes us funfetti cupcakes ;-))! We are just the epoxy paint pros! I think my dad wants to do his floor at his shop too! That would be fun and would look so nice!!



This was Shane crawling up in the beams so he could unplug the garage door so it would stop an inch before it hit the ground so it could dry (the epoxy paint came out a little bit past the garage door). He's such a monkey!

But yeah . . . since we can't do our own house projects anymore, we are doing other peoples!

p.s. - our house is still on the market . . . we were told we should lower our price AGAIN . . . which would be over $30K less than what it started at. ugh. . . .
p.p.s. - Shane tried to call our mortgage company to talk to them about a short sale and every time they transfer him to that department he mysteriously gets disconnected . . . coincidence?!

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