My Behren . . .

Well one of these days I will tell you the history of Behren, but for now you just get some fun pis of him! So glad to be home with him!

When we met Bry & Sommer & Bryce in Grove City, we got Behren a treat! He lovessssssss food. Seriously. Way too much. But he is still obedient and waited until I said "ok" to eat it.

Behren chowing down on his halloween treat!

Now sleepy nappy time with Daddy. I don't know how is big self can curl up into a ball that small!

Being handsome with a bandana!

I get to meet my parents for lunch every day (yay!), and Behren stays with my dad during the day because of his separation anxiety (story to be told someday), so I get to see him too! Like I said . . Behren loves his food. . .

Notice the waterfall drool . . . . ick!

Seriously though. . . one day I will get around to telling you his story.


*kc said...


*kc said...

P.S. I love that in the first picture, Behren is watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann (with Howard Fineman as the guest being interviewed).