Turkey Day!

Yay! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Here is a cute picture for you today!!

I am so thankful for Bryce, and all of my family and friends! For God, my animals, my job, our house, my hubby, my health, my craziness, my accomplishments, nature, tv shows, happy people, harry potter, non-profits, nice people, chocolate chip cookies, cake, t-giving dinner, blankets (especially heating ones), cozy beds, fireplaces, the sun, trees, cameras!, phones, computers, fresh air, boots, cruises (eek! 15 more days!), life, church, oh the list could go on and on, but I'm off to see my family and eat lots of food! Yay!


Steve sculpts critters said...

YaY! I noticed you like animals and art.
Maybe you should have a go at winning one of my solid bronze mice for FREE (retail $250!) in a super easy contest on my blog (I'm an artist).
Go on, have a go.
Happy Thanksgiving by the way.

Anonymous said...

You certainly have so much to be thankful for.