Bryce Update!!

Yay! So on our way home (to Erie) last weekend, we sent everyone a text message that said something like "Yay! We're on our way! Home for good!" and our brother & sister (Bry & Sommer) texted us back and said to meet them at Grove City for lunch! So we were excited and met them at the food court at the Grove City Outlets.

So Shane and I had some pizza and Bry & Sommer split some chinese food. And I got to take lots of pics of my favorite niece, Bryce!

And the weirdest thing happened . . . . as we were there, the Penn State Behrend Cross Country Team showed up!! We got to talk to the coaches and I ran into Cassie, one of my best friends from the team. I am too old now . . . I don't know anyone else really . . :-( But it was so great to see them! They were on their way to the AMCC meet (guys placed 1st, girls 3rd!)!

And then Shane got really mad at me because I made him go into THREE stores there . . . at least I actually found stuff that fit me though! Usually I go shopping and never find anything!

But yay!! We are home! Well . . Shaney will be coming home soon and I can't wait!! But so far it has been absolutely amazing!! I get to see my parents every day!! I get to be with my little boy (Behren, my pup) every night, every morning, and I get to see him at lunch time! And Erie has been nice to me . . . it is easing me into the cold weather!! High 60's this week and sunny!! Absolutely beautiful! It is so good to be home. You have no idea.

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*kc said...

Awe. Your post almost made me cry. I'm so happy for you to be home with your family (and friends). I can't wait to have quality time with you more frequently.