I Got $2 . .. I Got $2 . . I Got $2. . Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

It finally happened folks . . . gas is under $2!! (I know . . . this happened like a week ago. . . but I'm a little behind!)

Good thing since I burn like 60 miles a day!


*kc said...

I-90 exit 27 has gas for $1.97! And if you go to the Country Fair (rather than the Pilot), using the Citco Cash Card, you save $.05 per gallon. That brings the price to $1.92 (now that is amazing).

I do have to say I squeeled twice this weekend about gas. Once when I filled up my tank and the total was $20 and change. I can't remember the last time I filled up for that cost. And the second time was when we were driving back home from your house and we saw the price was under $2.

What wonderful news for all the people struggling to make ends meet.

j*amy said...


Kt said...

whooooaaa! was still $2.09 here in the Burgh, or at least was on Saturday...sooooo awesome!