So Marissa's sister, Chelsea, just told me that "Virginia" in my header is spelled wrong . . . oops!!

I think this is funny for a couple of reasons:
  1. KT has always been known to have a slight spelling problem (love yoU!!)
  2. Obviously . . . . all of my friends and I have a terrible reading problem b/c we didn't even notice!!
So if you were one of the people that noticed and had to deal with that every day. . . I'm sorry. You should've told me!

But if you are one of the people like me that didn't even notice . . . good!!

Hopefully I can get KT to make me a new one soon anyways . . b/c I'm in ERIE now!! :-)

p.s. - Thanks, Chelsea, for the good find!


Marissa said...

That's too funny. I look at your blog every day and never noticed! Nice catch Chel :).

*kc said...

Tee Hee!

Good thing you moved back home!

...because Pennsylvania is much, much easier to spell! YAY!