to the best mommy's ever!

Happy Mother's Day!!

shane and i were going to try to make a video (take a pic) to send to our wonderful mommy's, but it probably would've turned out something like this . . . . (minus the slight violence)

so instead i am writing to say how lucky we are to have the two best mom's in the world! we love you, we miss you, and we can't wait to see you soon! thank you for being our mommy's!


Shane said...

yay for moms!

Staci :-) said...

yay for our moms! :-)

Kt said...

Hahahha love the videoooo....

Yayyyy moms!!!!

(I was a good daughter and drove up to Erie for mum's day..ahhahahah...yea we would have driven up anyway...and it's like 5 hrs less driving than you...hee hee)