Erie Zoo Trip with Our Niece & Nephew!

July 4th weekend, we also took our niece, Bryce, and our nephew, Bowen, to the
Erie Zoo! My parents had a zoo membership (and came with us), but did you know that the zoo is only $8 for adults (I think it's funny they say "adults 13 and over" though . . really? 13 is an adult. Come on.) and only $5 for children 2-12?! And free for 2 and under! I really thought it was going to be more expensive than that though! They have made so many awesome improvements over the year to the zoo and if you haven't gone in a while, you definitely need to make a trip to the zoo!

We saw just about every animal there!

Brycee would say "what else is there to see?!"

Waiting in line for the carousel!

Shane is having so much fun!

Bowie! Both of the kids were so good the entire time!

Baby kangaroos! They have 3 of them! This was one of the bigger ones! The other 2 were still in the mommy's pouches!

Kid zone!

This picture cracks me up because she looks so serious! I think she was bummed we weren't allowed to go in the play gym with her.

But we all got to go on the train!! The kids were getting pretty tired towards the end of the zoo trip. We were there for about 2 1/2 hours and just made it to the car in time for the kids to fall asleep! So glad we have such a fun place to go to in Erie to take our niece and nephew and teach them all about animals!


amy grace said...

HA! That picture of Shane on the carousel is hilarious. Also, you guys look so cute with two kiddos. You'll be great parents someday and I'm excited for it!! :) Also, I really need to have an Auntie-Amy-and-Chloe day, now I feel even more so because of this post. :)

*Stace* said...

Aww! Thanks! :-) You do!!! It's fun!

*kc said...

-That pic of Shane made me LOL.
-Bryce's hair is sooo curly!
-Love the zoo. We all need to go with our cameras.
-Next to see: baby giraffe

Dan Rock said...

I thought this was an ad for the zoo at first.

*Stace* said...

Ha! Totes! Oh Dan. 1) you should be in bed. 2) i love Erie & the Erie zoo and think people should know how awesome it is! One thing that was kinda a bummer . . we bought bird nectar to feed the birds and we gave one of the cups to this other little kid that was in there with us and all the birds went to his cup and not ours!! His mom gave Bryce a dollar though for the train ride.

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Greg Schlueter said...

Staci-- some great pictures here. I'm producing a no-budget promo for VisitErie and found this looking for Erie Zoo photos... can I use one or more of these?