My Sheena

Rest in peace my beautiful kitty. I cherished all 22 wonderful years I had with you!

I remember the day we got you and Mom and Dad wanted me to get you because you were the laid back, sleepy one. We sure showed them! As I vroomed down the hall on my little red tricycle, close behind you ran and batted the attached ribbon that followed me.

You were my one and only sibling. My baby sister. You let me put you in my baby carriage and push you around the house and even the block.

We made tents together in the living room and cuddled under the sleeping bag with Raggedy Anne and Ocelot.

You loved when we crumpled up paper in a ball and played fetch and pickle in the middle.

The best mornings were when I woke up to you looking right at me. Purring on my chest. Wanting for me to pet you.

I loved that you let me brush you all the time.
I loved that you laid perfectly in my lap.
I love that you licked my tears when I was sad.
I love that I got to enjoy you for 22 years.
I love that mommy and daddy made me pick you as our kitty.
I love that you loved us so unconditionally and for so long.
I love you Sheena Marina and I can't wait to snuggle and pet you again!


amy grace said...

<3 Sheena was a great cat!! She loved you as much as you loved her! I can't believe she was 22 years old!! So sorry for your loss :(

rachel said...

So sorry to hear about Sheena! She sounded like a wonderful kitty.

*kc said...

Awe. So sorry for your loss, Staci.

Toni said...

My condolences. I know how it feels to have furry siblings. I feel your pain.

Tor Hershman said...

That is indeed most sad.