Baby, You're A Firework!

July 4th was kinda low key for us. I had to work that day and my cat was dying, so I really wasn't feeling up to lots of partying and such, but we had my parents come over to hang out with us and watch the fireworks in our back yard!


I apparently can't draw hearts. . . .

S for Superawesome!


This display lasted 30 minutes just like last year!

It really is a shame that we don't invite more people over to our house since we get this in our back yard.

Gonna have to find a new job if that is gonna happen though.

Or Shane will just have to prepare/set everything up.

The finale was CRAZY! Too bright for our settings! They said next year is going to be even better! Can't wait!

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Nadine Berrouet said...

Cool pics! Can't wait to see more. Check out my blog sometime: http://lifelittlecravings.blogspot.com