One Day You Will . . .

I was listening to my Lady A CD today on my way to work. That's right. Work on July 4th. After 4 hours of work in the office I spent two more hours petting, brushing, and feeding my dying 22 year old cat with a syringe. So, it's been a great day. On my way home, I got to #11 on the CD. One Day You Will. It really sums up my feelings at this moment in time.

"No matter how vast the darkness, it can never extinguish the light".


Danny Lucas said...

Thanks for supplying a YouTube with lyrics.
The deaf among us do not hear the song, but listen with our hearts and eyes.

A cat owner.....
nay, a cat LOVER!
That speaks more of the song of your life, than Lady A, and other revelations.

A friend asked me to watch her pets as she was traveling awhile. I did.
4 cats, 2 dogs! The Dalmation took more of my time than all the rest combined.

The cats were happy to meander around, view the world, and be petted at night, or in the morning in bed. Never any trouble as long as the water dish and food dish automatically dispensed their life needs.

In return, the cats supplied my life needs.
They are filled with love.

I was advised Baily would never come near and always hid in the basement...too afraid of people.
Baily ate, did the litter box, and hid as I had been warned.
After a few weeks of finding I was the sole source of food and water, and the owner was never there, Baily switched allegiance and made no move to scamper, as I patted her and brushed her down for the first time.

That evening, I lifted her on my lap for the first time, and stroked her, while the TV Closed Caption, echoed silent words. And in those moments, I discovered Baily had no purr. NONE!

I was alarmed and texted the owner, and found out Baily was a "Katrina cat", rescued in that dreaded hurricane that destroyed New Orleans, given care and shots, and adopted by my friend who loved cats.
Baily lost her purr during Katrina.
She lost her original owner too, as everything was swept away in a flash.

Lady A's expressed words were mild, compared to Baily and a hurricane changing her life.

She allowed me to pet her every night, as did the others, but her grey fur and brilliant blue eyes made her a favored pet. The owner was shocked at the text message saying I held her often.

When you are deaf, vibrations are your source of sound, as when my sister stomps the front porch, instead of ringing the doorbell, to notify me she is here. ASL allows me to communicate with others in my dilemma of deafness. (I have never heard Lady A's voice).

ASL is derived from our American Indians.
Our July 4th Independence Day needs to give a nod to them too, sadly.

The Indians believed that there was a sharp blade like a scimitar above every heart. When a person lied, the blade lowered and cut into the heart, lifted anew, and moved forward an increment.
Each lie would repeat this process, to hurt badly enough that you would stop lying.

But one day, the Indians were sure that there would be no more hurt, for there would be no more heart! It would be cut out by the lifestyle of lies.

I pondered that as a deaf man petting a cat with no purr. Baily never lied, but lost her purr from a tragedy never known to others, in it's immensity of devastation.

In your tragedy of losing a long term pet, I pray your purr continues, and if you are a person who loves cats, you have not told enough lies to have your heart hurt from the scimitar that cuts it out.

"There is no more hurt when there is no more heart"
May your cat's decline....hurt forever.
It means your heart remains filled with love forever.
My early condolences to you, for a job well done.

amy grace said...

<3 <3

Rita said...

you are right Staci, that is a beautiful song. Just remember God is doing a mighty work in your life. Sometimes all we can pray for is that He grants us peace in our current situation. love you