Family Picnics & Lakehouse!

Here are some pictures from when Dan & Marissa were home!

Bryce on her swingset!

Bowen playing with Uncle Shaney!

Dan & Marissa @ Grandma's!

Shane, Marissa, Sommer, Bry, & Dan @ Mazza Chautauqua Cellars!

Don walking with his grandkids!

Dan & Bowie! Or Bo-wo as Bryce likes to call him (too cute)!

Beautiful night!

Dan & Marissa excited to be home with us! :-)


Next day! Some kayaking in the canal!

Shaney & his Mommy, Rita!

Brycee had a long day!

Bowen was still ready to eat!

This is the fish bowl @ Guppy's!

Bry was wasted! JK . . maybe.

More tube time! Aly says "let's go!"

Bry, Bryce, & Sommer's turn!

Swim time!

Bye Aly!

Having fun!


We had so much fun and were so glad to spend some more time with Dan & Marissa before they headed back to Germany! Wish we could be at the lake house every day! Especially with Erie's recent weather!

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amy grace said...

YAY!!!! SO fun! Again. Excited. It's so awesome that you and Shane have such a fun outlet and so close!