Grandma's Birthday!

Sunday we celebrated my Grandma's 81st birthday! We went to the golden corral for brunch and then back to Shane and I's house to eat cake and open all her presents (she opened them, we all watched . . . . and ate all the cake).

(still in the process of fixing up our house and decorating)

It is so nice to be able to be home and celebrate with everyone. These are the moments we missed out on when we were living in Virginia, and this is why I am so glad to be home. My grandma and family mean so much to me and we are just so blessed to have what we have.

Tuesday was her actual birthday, so after my 30 minute trip from work to McDonalds (to get her a cheeseburger, fries - to split -, and a hot chocolate) to her house (which should have only taken like 5 minutes), I surprised her for lunch! She was so excited. Her smile went from ear to ear and she was there with open arms walking towards me (because she just couldn't wait to hug me). I could feel her enjoyment and love, and I sure love her too!


*kc said...

Happy Birthday, Grandma Jean!

amy grace said...

good thing she doesn't use Twitter or you wouldn't have surprised her ;)
it's cool you got to have everyone at your house to celebrate!