Boy or Girl?!

My mom is getting very eager for me and Shane to have some little ones, and saved a page out of Her Times (February-March 2010 Issue) in case we want to determine if we have a boy or girl. She has offered some other ideas on how we can decide, but trust me . . . you don't want to know.

(could not find good image of actual chart used in mag, but pretty sure it's same idea)

The month is the "woman's conception month" and the age is "woman's age at conception".

My question is for all you moms and dads out there . . . how accurate is this?


Brooke & Freeland said...

we tried to do the chart & all the ones similar to it before we knew if it was a boy or girl. All of them always said we were having a girl - and turns out we're having a boy! But maybe that was just us? :)

PS - every time you post about your family having a baby I always think its you announcing you are having a baby!

ron said...

wasn't accurate for me. i had a girl and apparently i was supposed to have a boy.

rachel said...

i dont think these things - or anything like this is reliable... with boys & girls and baby gender, it's always 50/50 ;-) Actually i think its a little different then that -- more boys are usually born then girls (just slightly)

that being said, it was accurate for me - conceived in june at 27 years old, girl.

rachel said...

and i agree with brooke - you post so much about family baby stuff i always think its going to be about you next ;-)_