Baby Sono!

Wednesday, my sister-in-law, Sommer, had an ultra sound on their baby! She sent me some phone pics because I really wanted to see the baby! Bryce went with her and I guess was scared for her mommy! So cute!
3-D sono! I mean, how stinkin cute is this little baby!? I cannot wait to meet him/her! They (just like with Bryce) are going to find out the sex! They are hoping to find out right before we go on our Germany trip (April-ish). Eek! I will be excited no matter what! Because really who doesn't want one of each, but how fun would it be to have two girls!?!! I could play dress up and barbies with them both at the same time (easier to babysit)! Either way, I will love their new baby just as much as I do my niece Bryce!

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Rita said...

isn't it just amazing!! and they will be so lucky to have an aunt like you.