Daddy's Birthday!

This weekend was a busy one!! KT & Mike got married and it was my daddy's birthday! His birthday was on Saturday as was the wedding (pics and a post coming soon for that . . . hopefully!), so we celebrated my daddy's (and aunt's) birthdays on Sunday!
My aunt's birthday is a week after my daddy's. (Here is my daddy, my aunt, and her gorgeous new pup, Annie!)
We decided to try to take some family pics! We bought a tripod and a remote that came in handy for these!
Mommy, Behren, and Daddy!
Shaney, Mommy, Behren, Me, and Daddy!! I just love my family! :-) (p.s. - this was the pic right before a woodchuck came in the lawn and made Behren FREAK out and try to get it . . . it got away safe though. Don't worry.)

Hope you had a great birthday daddy!! You deserved it!! I am just so lucky to have you as my father. Your guidance and your tell-it-like-it-is advice have really helped me through life in more ways than you'll ever know. Same goes with your sense of humor and just go with the flow attitude. You have been my anchor, helping me through good times and bad, and I just will never be able to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done and all you do for me. I love you with all my heart (and then some!)!

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