Grandma's Roof!

This past Saturday (I'm so proud of myself for getting this post up so soon!), my dad, hubby, mommy, and I helped put a new "rolled roof" (looks like shingles, only it is one big sheet) on a part of my grandma's house.
Here is us on the roof taking a little break for a pic! I was really nervous that I would be stuck on the roof again (for 4th of July Shaney and I went on the top of our roof w/no problems . . . but it was the getting down that completely freaked me out. I couldn't turn around to walk down the ladder! Shane was laughing at me, and I was laughing at me too, but it was scary!! Finally, I just went down front wards . . . ), but this roof was more flat so it was not as scary turning around!
Here is me hard at work! Shane and my dad took off the old roof and then put weatherguard up while my mom and I took the old stuff to my dad's shop to put it in the dumpster. I came back and helped with the actual rolled roofing. Cemented it on and helped hammer nails! We got tar cement all over us!!
And the only thing that would get it off was gasoline (so then we weren't dirty anymore, but we reaked of good ole gas)!
Here is my daddy trying to clean me up!
Daddy got tar in his nose!! Ha! It was so funny! He went to wipe it because his nose was running, but had tar all over his gloves and got the tar all up in his nose!
Here is us all done! What a full body workout! But I thought it was fun and I thought we did an awesome job!! And it's always nice feeling like you are helping people out! Until the next roof . . . .

p.s. - Thanks to my mommy for taking most of these pics!


*Stace* said...

my grandma said i was such a tomboy for being up on the roof helping, but if i'm a tomboy . . i'm the girliest tomboy there is.

*kc said...

YAY! I can't wait to buy a house that needs a roof so you guys can help me with it! ;-)

amy grace said...

cute braid!! but that one where you are laughing and pointing at your dad you look realllly young!! weird. hahah

*Stace* said...

ha! i am really young! ;-)