KT's Bachelorette Weekend!

Another long overdue post! KT's Bachelorette Weekend!! We had quite the predicament figuring out where we were going to go . . . it went from Buffalo to Niagara Falls to Darien Lake back to Niagara Falls to Cedar Point to at some point the Finger Lakes and Put in Bay . . . then because none of us can make executive decisions b/c we all wanted to make sure it was the best for Katie (and Katie is usually our planner), we made KT's sister decide, and spent the weekend at the Finger Lakes (Geneva area). Above we are trying to smush everything in the car! Love Mase's face in this pic!
Our very cute and very fun cottage!! It was called "Cobtree Cottage - Seneca". Definitely recommend staying there if you go to the finger lakes region. The guy who owns them was very nice and even pretended being our "stripper" for KT. She was quite nervous at first. It was funny! The bride and maid of honor shirts and accessories!
We decided to explore the trails around us . . . too bad they were all muddy and full of bugs. Nikkie claimed that if you put your hands up, the bugs would go to your hands and not your faces . . . .
Us in front of our cottage! Friday night was absolutely gorgeous! And then it rained and rained and rained . . . .
But we didn't let it hinder our fun! Here is all of us before going out on Plan B (Plan A was to go kayaking on the lake then a few wineries) . . . . hitting up all the wineries!
Seriously. They were EVERY 2 minutes from each other. We started out stopping at every single one we saw, and realized we were getting a little too tipsy, so we had to pace ourselves more, and stopped to eat some lunch (in the car b/c no one there believes in having indoor sitting areas . . . they were all outdoors).
Then since Plan A was not going to happen, we decided to head down to the Watkins Glen State Park. Still raining, but we thought we could bear it! And we did for a while . . . .
Until the rain picked up some more and we were walking through puddles every where we went. We tried! And we still saw some pretty falls! I'm sure this would've been AWESOME if it were nice out! But we made the best of it and shimmied our way through the paths, trying not to step in the puddles.
We decided to go to a restaurant on the north east side of Geneva Lake, called The Crow's Nest. We knew they had spinach artichoke dip, and so that was one of our items we wanted to incorporate for KT. It was nice. A little too seafoody for me, but I got the Buffalo Chicken salad. Pretty yummy.
The Finger Lakes is definitely not the most "nightlifey" places you can go, although we did see at least 3 other bridal parties there. We were going to leave the Crow's Nest and head somewhere else, but saw a band playing and thought we'd check it out first. The Crow's Nest has the largest outdoor bar in the Finger Lakes, but it was still raining so we stayed in the "indoor part" (which was still kinda outdoorsy, but just covered). It was great that we stayed! The band ended up being pretty awesome, and we were having fun dancing away and making fools out of ourselves (we tend to like acting out the lyrics of the songs in our dances . . . hence fools, . .. . but fun fools!). We ended up staying there all night and had a great time! It was a great way to end the weekend! Can't wait for the wedding though! KT & Mike get married in less than a week! :-)

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