Dan & Marissa: Cinque Terre!

Dan & Marissa are still living in Germany for work!! Only 2 years and 11 months to go! They are already on their first excursion to Cinque Terre! It is translated as "Five Lands" (b/c 5 villages comprise it), and it is located on the coast of the Italian Riveria! Looks absolutely beautiful!! So jealous they get to experience all of this!! But so glad they are sending us pictures to help us feel included!
Here is Dan hiking around the 5 Lands (p.s. - I'm totally making up these captions . . . I have no idea where exactly he is or what he is doing).
And Marissa outside of their gorgeous hotel (once again making up the caption)! Look at that view!

Miss you guys lots and can't wait to come visit!! We already started planning! :-)


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Hello everybody,

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