Busy Week!

This week has been crazy so far!! Monday night was nice. Played some tennis with the hubby. We are getting a lot better than we used to be! We were actually having some good volleys (low to the net and fast!). I got to run home a little too, and it was absolutely gorgeous out!! Tuesday (yesterday), we went over to Bry & Sommer's for some pizza and cupcakes. The boys left for their soccer game, so Rita, Sommer, Bryce, and I got to have some nice girl time! I got my hair done and we talked and then I got to help Sommer give Brycee a bath! Tonight we are taking Behren to the vet again. It's his four month checkup from surgery. I guess by now pups are usually running normally again. Behren is still limping while just walking. This is very frustrating and sad for me. Not that I don't think the doctors did a good job (and Behren will eventually heal . . I hope), but I just want him to get better now! It's so sad to always see him picking up his leg and limping around! He's a dog and is supposed to run crazy! I don't know what else we can do, but hopefully tonight the doctor will give us more insight.
Thursday begins the official wedding prep for Mike & KT! We (the girls) are going over after work on Thursday to help finish some last minute things, and then Friday I am taking the entire day off to get a mani/pedi and help setup at the ceremony/reception location, then of course the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! Saturday is the official day! We will be doing normal day of the wedding stuff (eating, getting our hair done, eating, getting dressed, makeup, pictures, etc.), then the wedding!! So excited!! :-) Saturday is also my daddy's birthday! He will be 35! Right, dad?!
Sunday we will be celebrating my dad's birthday as well as my aunt's birthday with some pizza and cake and icecream! Yum! Let the crazy busy-ness continue!

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