Bryce Pics!

I got to have a little photo shoot with my beautiful niece, Bryce, last night! We went over to Sommer & Bry's for dinner and then I just got to chase Bryce around with the cam! And let me tell you, . . . kids who have been walking for 2 months are the HARDEST (but most fun) picture subjects! She wouldn't stop moving around! It was quite the task trying to keep up with her and get some good pictures that weren't blurry, but I think we got a couple cute ones! My hubby, Shane, also helped take some pics!

She always points at everything. So intriqued and so eager to learn EVERYTHING!

Bryce loves her rocker chair from her cousin Ashley! She will just rock rock rock!

She also loveeeesss when daddy swings her on her baby swing!

This is such a cute pic! Taken by Shaney (with a request by me)!

She is so cute! I just love taking pictures of her and love that Bry & Sommer let me!

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