Rainbows & Kayaks!

So with the rain comes some BEAUTIFUL rainbows! You can see every color of a rainbow in this one!
We headed out to Edinboro Lake to go kayaking for our first time and the rainbow was still out!
Shane's mom and step-daddy let us use their kayaks for a nice glide around the lake!
Shane started taking way too many pics of me in the kayak so this is me saying enough and laughing b/c he just kept shooting away!
Umm . . soo . . I was successful in not tipping the kayak, but umm . . when I went to wash my sandals off in the water I was stupid and went on the boat ramp (very very slippery), and fell right on my bum! It was quite humorous.
Then when we got back to our house from kayaking, we saw ANOTHER awesome rainbow!!!

Thanks Rita & Don for our first kayaking ride!

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