Home Free!

Well folks, this pretty piece of property is no longer ours!! It's definitely bitter sweet because we looooved the house and the people we met in Virginia, but it was on the market since November 2008 and just got officially "closed" on Friday, July 31, 2009. 9 months of absolute frustration and stress.

I could go into a 20 minute rant about what happened the last week when we were trying to close on our house, but that would get me frustrated again, and give the banks a bad rep. . . and they don't deserve that at all (but really they do). . . but I'm trying to close this chapter of our lives and move on.

It was not a good first home buying experience, but definitely one that taught us A LOT.

But it is so good to say that it is finally sold. We no longer owe the banks any more money, and this lifts a million pounds right of my shoulders.

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amy grace said...

YAY! so so happy for you guys!!

ps: that is a beautiful pic of the house!