Our 2nd Anniversary!

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my hubby and I! We got married August 11, 2007 in Erie, PA (Edinboro). It was seriously the best day of my life.

I got to marry the man who makes me laugh, supports me, gives me advice, brings out the best in me, enjoys eating mac n'cheese with me, loves animals, teaches me something new every day, keeps me safe, plays games with me, acts stupid with me, dreams with me, pushes me, and loves me.
I got to marry my best friend.
We have definitely had soooo many milestones already in just our first two years together. We moved 7 hours away from friends and family with just each other to lean on sometimes, started new jobs, bought a house, adopted a puppy, had to go through several major family losses, adopted some kitties, made some major home repairs, moved back home, tried (and finally successfully) sold a house, started new jobs again, and had to pay lots of money to sell our house.We have been through a lot, but have grown closer because of it. Every day I just love him more and more!
We have fun together all the time and I am just so blessed that God put him in my life.
I am looking forward to everything that awaits us in the future. What the future stores, I am not quite sure, but we will trust in God and hope that our marriage becomes even stronger than it already is.

I love you so much Shane and I am so blessed and so thankful for you. From the minute I leave you in the morning, I want to be right back in your arms. I just feel so safe with you. So happy and so in love.

p.s. - For our anniversary we are going out to dinner (on the actual day) and then taking a trip to NYC (at a later time)!!!

p.p.s. - For last year's anniversary look here or here or here to see what we did.


amy grace said...

yay! i didn't realize you had your blog a year ago!!! crazy. time flies by! so glad you're back in Erie :)

*kc said...

Happy Anniversary. I blogged about it too. And then read yours. And then saw I used two of the same pics. Bummer. Oh well.

Happy 2 year!