Bryce's Pre-Birthday Pics!

I went a little early to Bryce's 1st Birthday so I could help set up (aka - chase Bryce around and take pictures of her because she is so gosh darn cute!!)! Here is Bryce all excited for her big day!

God made us all wait a long time (Bry & Sommer tried having a baby for 2 years), but that was because he had Bryce in store for us!

Probably one of my favorite pics ever.

BTW . . . I did not edit any of these. I just looooove my new camera!

Stay tuned for Bryce's cute cupcake outfit and more details of the big day!


Rita said...

those are some of my favorite pics especially the eyes in #2. what a beauty. and she is sooooo lucky to have an aunt like you. everyone should be so lucky:)

*Stace* said...

aww! you're so sweet! i really like #2 too!