Nikkie's Bridal Shower!

Only two weeks late for this post . . . Nikkie had her bridal shower @ Sloppy Duck's in Erie! Here is Nikkie (she likes to be called Nicole now, but it's just so hard to change after calling her Nikkie for . . . . 16 years . . holy crap has it REALLY been THAT long?!) and her bridesmaids (Me, KC, KT, Jen - her cousin and maid-of-honor, and Mase).

Mother-of-the-Groom, Mrs. LaPaglia, Nicole (ugh, that just doesn't sound right to me), and Mommy-of-the-Bride, Mrs. Pfadt.

Our beautiful gift for Nikkie (purchased & wrapped by KC)! We got her cookie pans, a pizza pan, a pizza cutter, a grater, some other stuff I can't remember, a scale (for the irony . . good idea KC), and of course a little something sexy for her hubby-to-be!

The "silent auction" items. Us girls each did a "pail" to contribute. Mine is right on the end. The "Chef" pail.

The yummy cuppies! They had some type of cream filling! The same lady is making the cake for the wedding and that makes me happy, because they were soooo good!

Two of the skanks . . . KC & KT!

Some of Nikkie's prezzies! She got a lot of good stuff!

The yummy food! Quiche, sausage, bacon, taters, fruit, and cinnamon pastry!

Close up of the cuppies!

Matt (the soon to be hubby) and Nikkie (Nicole). They are getting married in less than a month! Can't wait for the wedding!

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