Beach Visit!

4/5's of the S.K.A.N.K.s (Nikkie had to do wedding stuff) decided to take a cruise to the beach 2 weeks back after Nikkie's bridal shower.

I really was not standing up to take this pic, I just have monkey arms (aww you can see Waldameer in the distance . . . which I still have yet to visit this summer)!

Here are the girls after successfully helping a lady get her car out of the sand! We felt like such good samaritans! A couple other people came to join us in helping, b/c I think they thought . . "4 girls all dressed up can't push a car out of the sand" . . . but it was mainly us who got her out! Girl power ( . . . that was lame, I know. . . I'm sorry. . . .)!

Mase, KC, and KT getting their toes wet! Seriously . . . this was the first time ALL summer that I was "in" the water. It felt so great, but was like a little tease b/c I miss swimming so much!

KC, Mase, and I are meeting at the beach this Saturday to do some kayaking and then some relaxing in the sun! Hopefully I can swim around a little too!

My girls!! So awesome and so blessed that we are still friends after 16 years (give or take a few)!!

Umm . . and then our normie "awkward pic session" started . . . .

We like taking pictures and we like being weird.

And it continues . . . .

I love this one b/c the biker guy is looking back and laughing at us!! I would too!

The sad part is, these were only a FEW of the "fun awkward" pics that we took!

Love my girls!

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