Photography Classes!!

Wow . . . I have a lot to blog about . . . Bryce's 1st birthday, Shane and I's anniversary, family get together, Nikkie's bachelorette party, and some other random things, but I have been soooooooo busy and have not been home long enough to do any of this!

For now, I can tell you that I did finally officially sign up for photography classes!! I'm super excited and got the confirmation email today! Mase and her co-worker, Bethany, are also taking the class with me, so that makes it even more fun! I have no intentions on making this my career, but it is definitely a hobby that I GREATLY enjoy and have always enjoyed, but since getting our new cam, I want to learn even more about photography!


Brooke & Freeland said...

Thats exciting!!! Where are you taking them at!?

*Stace* said...

Erie Art Museum!