It's Official! NYC, Here We Come!

Well, we booked our hotel and flight for NYC! Got the go from my boss! So NYC, here we come!
My top places of interest . . . Times Square! You can't go to NYC without seeing this, right (this is my first visit EVER)?! We also booked our hotel right around Times Square so we can be within walking distance to that as well as Central Park, Broadway, 5th Avenue, and others!
I just love how there is this HUGE park right in the middle of such a busy city! It will be nice to go there and relax a little.
And I think I have conned Shane into going to a broadway play!! We need help though! Anybody have any suggestions as to which play we should see? I love musicals, and my hubby loves comedy. Or any other tips for broadway?! (We have already seen "Wicked", and Shane has seen "Lion King").

And of course we have to see the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, maybe go on the free Staten Island Ferry . . .

Any other suggestions?!


Brooke & Freeland said...

Oh I have lots of favorites! The south street seaport in the later afternoon.. and then walking from there to the brooklynn bridge. Its about a mile walk across and there is a famous pizza place on the other side people always eat at. By the time you finish it will be sunset as you walk back across the brooklynn bridge. Its gorgeous!

of course magnolia's cupcakes.. and walking around central park. sitting and reading in central park is our favorite thing to do.

we also like to find the cheapest random resturaunts and try those out & we always end up in SoHo shopping (because down the street is china town where everything is super cheap and fake!)

oh the list could go on and on! Im so excited that yall get to go! Oh I would have recommended Wicked. Im not sure since you have already been! I will keep thinking!

amy grace said...

ah! when are you going?

*Stace* said...

thanks for all the advice! my sister-in-law told me about magnolia's cupcakes too! and we looove pizza, so we might have to make that walk across the Brooklyn bridge!