Kitty Adventures!

As always, we bring our kitties with us when we travel (if we can). I know . . we are pathetic, but we love our kitties and want to "socialize" them as much as possible, so they do not run and hide when other people come over and so they are used to people, dogs, babies, etc.

We went home last weekend, and so our kitties got to come along for the ride! They are usually pretty good in the car. . . . lately Nina has been whining a lot, but usually they sleep the entire 6 1/2 hours.

They love their grandparents' houses because they have stairs they can climb and fun places they can go and explore. They always come out later with dirty paws and cobwebs all over their faces. The grandmas appreciate all the cleaning Nina & Jinx do for them.

Although, the latest trip, Nina & Jinx got somewhere dirty, and decided to take a bath to clean up! I think they made more of a mess though . . . . sorry grandma!

They then headed up to the sink to drink some water! Running all over the house and exploring makes you thirsty!

Oh my lovely kitties! Our lives are so much more fun with them! :-) And their grandmas' houses so much cleaner! (at least the cobweb part). . . .


raych said...

That's what my tub always looks like because of my roommate's cat. The cat makes a bigger mess than me or my roommate!

Rita said...

oh man, thanks for announcing to the world how many cobwebs i have. just so everyone knows, they are only in the basement!! ha ha