Tall Clothes Please! No Chopping Off Appendages!

Ugh! As a taller person (5'8 or 5'9") with monkey arms (thanks, dad ;-)), it is incredibly hard for me to find shirts and pants that are long enough. My entire life I have had issues with this. Then they (the clothes making people) got smart and started making pants in "tall" sizes. Yay!! Thank you! :-) Some places might sell shirts with "tall" sizes, but I haven't found any. So I mostly wear 3/4 length or short sleeve shirts or try to make my "long sleeve" shirts work by pushing them up just a tad so they become "3/4 length" sleeves.

Do you know any good stores for tall people?! I don't want to have to chop my arms or legs off!

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jtonyb said...

I don't hear you whining about the brain I gave you!