Soccer Game!

Well, Sunday Shane had another outdoor men's game. I usually don't go to these because they are 20 - 25 minutes away and the games are two hours long, but it was absolutely beautiful out . . . and although I should've stayed home because I am still sick :-( ugh . . 99.5 temp, I just couldn't pass up such a gorgeous day to be outside!

And because I love watching Shane play! Maybe it's because I wish I could be half as good as he is! He just amazes me. Everytime I watch him. He scored the only goal for his team (they lost 1-2 . . bummer), but it was a good, clean game, so that always makes me happy.

Aww, Shane hamming it up for me! I just love that boy! He had some very good shots the rest of the game and some awesome passes, but the other goalie was good.

I love this shot!! I just wish I understood my camera better!! One of these days I will read the manual so I know how to take action pictures so they don't come out blurry/grainy! I love taking pictures and really need to invest more time on learning my camera so my pictures turn out better.

Here is Shane with Matt, our goalie from our indoor, coed soccer team. He is a nice guy and good too! So that's it for this post! Shane has another game on Wednesday . . . indoor though! Maybe I will go and take some more pics if the game isn't too late . . . . Have a great week! :-)

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