1st iNSPiRAL Show!

Yay! So I finally made it to an iNSPiRAL show!

they were moving too fast! so it came out blurry!

iNSPiRAL rocked out at Lefty's in Erie, PA on Saturday night. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised regarding Lefty's because from what I heard, it was a hole-in-the-wall bar and not somewhere you would want to go. . . but 1) There was no smoking!!! Which was the best thing ever! 2) It was rather clean for a bar! 3) They had tables set up so you could mingle with your friends, so it was a nice, social atmosphere.

As far as iNSPiRAL goes . . . I have to admit I was a little late (bummer), so I only saw/heard two of their songs: when i lie to you and audio violator, but they were both AMAZING!! My favorite was "When I Lie to You"! First time I have ever heard them in person, and it was a great experience! Definitely recommend checking them out!

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*kc said...

YAY!! It was so good to see you. I am glad you got to see them and that you were able to make it out. Hope to see you again SOON!