Inflatable Birthdays are Always Fun!

My fun, crazy, cute cousin, Austin, celebrated his 5th birthday last weekend, and we got to celebrate with him in Erie at the "All Seasons" place behind the Millcreek Mall. There is an inflatable play land in the back for kids. (Man! The only time I have things to blog about is when we go home to Erie! See how much more exciting it is there! No offense Fredericksburg.)

Austin, Ava, & Tyler's grandma just started face painting and painted all the kids faces for fun for his birthday party. She was quite talented!

All the kids were going crazy on the inflatable stuff! I probs could've gone on them, but felt too old. :-( So depressing. I would've loved running around like that!! Can't wait until I have kids so I have an excuse!! ;-)

The littliest sibling, Tyler, was fun too! He didn't go on the inflatables, so we kept him occupied in other ways.

My Grandma and I knew where the party was at though!

Ahh! It was just so great to see everyone! You have no idea how much it means to me to be with my family and friends.

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