Praying Mantis!

Yay! I haven't seen one of these suckers in a looooooooooooooooooong time!

I was out on an audit for work in the Town of Bowling Green, VA, and saw this little bugger! He/She/It was green when it was on the grass, then turned this color on the cement (missed the grass pic . . ugh)!! So crazy cool though! It actually stood still and posed for me for a while!

Then I started getting worried it would bite my head off, so I took one last pic and went back to work.

Ugh . . . heading up north for an audit tomorrow, then finally back in the office on Friday! I can't wait! . . . to be back in the office . . . , but more so that it will be FRIDAY!!! I need a weekend ASAP. . . now.

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