Icecream Makes Everything Better!

Ok, so I have come down with a terrible sore throat and my ears hurt and I just have been sooooooooooo exhausted lately! The other night my husband, Shane, was freaking out at me because I was in bed at 7:30pm. . . (I didn't actually fall asleep until 8:30pm. . .which I know . . is still pathetic, but ugh! I feel like crap.)

Anyways, the few commercials we do watch (thank goodness for DVR's!!) . . . I get sucked into. . especially ones about icecream . . and ice cream that only costs 99 cents! ($1.08 w/tax in VA). So Shaney was a wonderful husband and drove me Sonic to get some icecream and make it all better.

I got a junior banana split! And let me tell you, it was definitely junior, but it was the perfect portion that I wanted and needed!!

And although it did not cure my sore throat or my achy ears or my fatigue, it was delicious!!


Rita said...

that doesn't look so junior to me??? hope you feel better soon, i don't wike you to be sick

Karen said...

Mmm, Sonic is awesome!

Found your blog from 20-Something Bloggers! :)