Erie Boat Ride!

Also last weekend, Shane and I got to go on Rita (Shane's mommy and my mommy-in-law) and Don's (step-diddy/father-in-law) boat! I loooove going out on the boat. It is just so surreal and all the nature around you is just amazing! We used to go out on my Grandpa's boat a lot, and we always had so much fun! Except when he went fishing and I hysterically bawled and made him throw all the fishies back in the water. He was not happy about that. Any who. . . here are some pics from the excursion!

We took the pups with us! Above is our little boy, Behren. He turned two in April! He looooooooves Majr (below). When Behren was a puppy, he hung around Majr a lot and has just always had that special doggy friend bond with him. When they saw each other for the first time in a long time last weekend . . . Behren was already in the boat and Majr jumped half way across the pier to greet him! They were freaking out.

Majr is Don & Rita's pup! He is a couple years older than Behren, and is the most relaxed pup ever! Except if there are birds around or if he eats a whole easter basket full with chocolate and candy . . . .

Had to show you a pic of Captain Don! So glad they have this boat so we can go out on it with them!

Crusing along . . . Behren laying down next to his daddy.

Me trying to get a pic with Behren. . . he was laying on me for like 20 mins and then when I finally went to get a pic, he had to get up! Ugh!

Beautiful sail boat and Majr looking for some seagulls.

Aww! Son and mommy relaxing!

My boys!!

And can I just say . . . I get more sun in Erie in an hour than I do in Virginia for like 2 hours!! I don't get it?! Not complaining though . . . love Erie, love the sun, love boating, love nature, love my family! :-)

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