Our Own US Open!

Watch out Roger Federer and Serena Williams!

Shane and I have been watching tennis a lot lately with the Olympics and with the US Open. Shane got this sudden urge this past weekend to get our own set of rackets and tennis balls, and we headed off to a local court to get our game on.

Shane won't admit it, but I totally kicked his butt! Just kidding . . . we were equal . . . ok . . maybe he had a couple up on me . . but regardless it was a fun/funny time. Neither of us had played before . . only in gym class in highschool, so it was quite amusing. Good thing no one else was around to watch! Ha!

But this is yet another reason why I just love my hubby! Finding and thinking of new, fun things we can do together!

Oh! And we got to wear our new sneaks! Our track & field coach from college gets a 40% discount from Brooks! Yay! :-)


The iNSPiRAL Blog said...

you guys are silly...

whooo-hoo for new sneaks! i've had my sneaks for just over a year and i just wore them outside for the first time ever :( (i only wear them at the gym usually)

Kt said...


that was from me....totes was still logggged in as inspi!