Darren & Lauren's Wedding

This past weekend, Shane and I were blessed to go to Atlanta, GA to see our friends, Darren & Lauren, get married!

We flew out from the Richmond, VA airport, and it was awesome! No traffic, no long lines, no delays.

And we actually got there a little early, so we ate some food at Applebees right by the runways!

The wedding was a beautiful outside wedding @ 7:30pm. The weather could not have been better. It was the perfect temperature!

The wedding ceremony and reception were at the Flint Hill Mansion. It was off of a dirt road, so all of those particles in the picture are dust! Bummer!

All of the wedding details were very cute and so modern! Loved them! (the favors reminded me of KT . . she loves graphics of birdies)

The altar!

The Newlyweds!

And now . . yummy food time:

Our salads, yummy rolls & nut bread, and sour patch kids (best favor ever) and chocolate coffee thingies . . .

Shane and I got chicken marsala with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus (although the asparagus ended up with Rita & Don . . . )

Yummy cake!! I had some cheesecake and some butter pecan cake!

They were nice to each other . . . .

Yay! Darren & Lauren! Thank you for having us at your beautiful wedding! Have fun in Hawaii!! So jealous!

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Kt said...

awww yayyyy!

very cute and i do loves birdies in design!

you looooked perrrrty! (and shane looked nice too...hee hee0