Cute Cousins!

After the Wattsburg Fair last weekend, we meandered over to my cousin's house to see my little cousins!

Ava & Tyler! Their brother, Austin, was at camp w/my aunt & uncle.

Ava being her cute self in the play house!

Tyler and his big, beautiful blue eyes! This kid is a little over one, but is doing stuff a three year old would do! I think he's going to be a football player! He's a big boy! Tyler was born the day my grandpa died. So weird and so cool at the same time. I miss my grampy . . . . and my aunt . . . and everyone that I have lost.

This is "upside down Ava" . . . Ava kept having me take pictures of her and then wanted to see them on my digi cam. I loved it! Usually peepz get angry that I take so many pics!

This is "say cheese Ava".

And this is "she wasn't paying attention Ava."

This is my fav . . "do you want a flower Ava".

Love my little cousins! And my big cousins!! I just love my entire family! So blessed!

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