Have you ever gone somewhere that just took your breath away when you saw it?! I just love nature, and love the unbelievable things that have been created all around the world.

I found these "10 Incredible Underground Lakes & Rivers" through Digg.com

underground lake near Macan Che on the Yucatan Peninsula

Wookey Caves in Somerset, England (supposedly cavemen used to live here)

underground lake in Messalini Caves (found when the roof of the cave collapsed after an eartquake in 1953)

Lechugilla Cave in Calsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico
(deepest cave in the continental U.S. (1,604 ft) - - that they know of)

Banff, Canada (love the waterfall)

underground lake in Mexico

Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, China

Cheddar Gorge in Britain

Hamilton Pool in Austin, Texas (when there is heavy rain, 45ft waterfalls cascade from the top of the cavern)

Luray Caverns, Virginia (Shane and I pass the exit for these everytime we go home to Erie)

All of these amazing caverns reminded me of when we went on our honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico and went to a cenote. It was like paradise! Some lady even said that when she was swimming in it!

this was the cenote that we got to go to when we went to Chichen Itza
It was absoultely beautiful! One of the greatest things on our trip!

me jumping into the cenote! there were fishes in it too!

Shaney's turn!
He swam soooo fast to get out because he doesn't like fishes as much as I do.

Where would your paradise be!? Let me know if you have been somewhere that has taken your breath away, because I want to travel and see as much as I can!

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