The Great Escape!

Nina did it again. She got out.

We left the house around 8:45am this morning only to return at 11am to see a cute kitty in our front yard.

I said "Aww! Shane! Look!! A cute kitty!" .. . "aww, it's chasing the birds"! . . . I glanced a little closer at the cat. . it was Nina! OMG!! So I got out of the car and walked up to her calling her name, while she just meowed back to me. Then she finally walked up to me and I picked her up. . . . what the crap!??! How the heck did she get out?

So we walk in the house and I call Jinx's name to see if she's still here . . yep. . . she comes running all excited to greet us. . . so then I go out back and see our back door wide open.

Last time Nina got out, the door wasn't open so that is still a mystery, but this time we knew that's how she got out . . how the door swung wide open?! Who knows?! We have some weird wind suction stuff going on in our house which is why I think that happened.

But yeah . . . Jinx had no inkling to go out and explore. She stayed in the house. Nina loves to explore (which is actually how she got her name . . . the "Nina" ship from Christopher Columbus's ships).

Thank goodness we found her again . . . ugh. . this is just getting too scary. We need to put super duper locks on or something. Our cats are like houdinis!

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