Mommy's Day!

Little over due . . . but I was so fortunate on Mother's Day. What I thought was going to be a breakfast with my mom, dad, grandma, and aunt (that I was going to have to miss), turned into being an awesome huge breakfast @ the Golden Corral with my mom, dad, both my grandmas, my aunts on both sides, my uncles on both sides, my cousins, and Shaney of course too!
My mother is the most amazing person. She truly inspires me. She is the most generous, thoughtful person I know. She is always trying to do something for some one else or buying them goodies. She takes care of everyone she knows. She makes the best cookies (chocolate chip and no-bake especially)! And is the best grandma to our little pup, Behren (even though she spoils him WAAAAAYYYY too much)! I can see so much of her in myself, and that makes me so glad, because my mom has the biggest heart and is the best mommy ever!
Here is part of my mommy's gift. Shane and I made her a flower box for by the front steps. We made it two tiered. We still need to fill in the 2nd row with some more potting soil and plant the flowers. I think we will get some annuals to put in there too. Those are all perennials (come up every year). Shane did an awesome job! I helped a little, but he definitely deserves most of the credit!
Here is my cousin, Carrissa, who I got to see at the breakfast as well. This was a complete surprise! I had no idea she would be there and it was so great to see her because it's been forever! She will be a mommy next month!
Here are the flowers I got for my mommies, grandmas, aunt, and sister-in-law. They are beautiful gerberas from Wegmans! All of the mommies I know are so great and have taught me so much about love and about life. Shane and I are getting ansy to have some of our own, but we know now is not the right time. But when we are ready, we know we will have wonderful mommies all around us to help guide us and support us. We love you all!

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