(This picture cracks me up! I don't even remember what Shane and I were saying so that he would look at us, but I know we were saying two different things, and Behren was probably confused.)

We went to my parents house for lunch today so we could spend some time with the pup! He's doing ok. Still limping 2 months after surgery. Went to the doctors on Monday and the doctor said he wants Behren to lose 10 lbs and was hoping he'd be farther along than he is now, but he said that everything seems to be in place. He said Behren can go on mile walks now, but to just make sure we keep him on the leash. Behren got loose a week ago or so and ran like crazy, which is why he is probably limping so much. I just feel so bad. I hope his leg heals so he doesn't limp any more.

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*kc said...

What a cutie!