Anybody know any good doctors?!

Since moving back, we have yet to still find a family doctor. My old doctor in Erie retired, and then we moved to Virginia, and now we moved back to Erie and need to find a good doctor.

So I would LOVEEEE if you could recommend a good family doctor for us?!?


amy grace said...

i love dr christine brown! she is on 18th and sass or something, w/ hamot. she sees ALL my family.

Brooke & Freeland said...

I could tell you one NOT to go to! :) But maybe I shouldnt write that on a blog!

We're in the process of finding a new family doctor. But so far I have loved all our other doctors.. Eye doctor, dentist, etc.. but Im sure you already have those! I guess really Im not any help!

Hope packing & everything went well!

*kc said...

I go to Dr. Christie Ray at the Lakeshore Family Practice on Buffalo Road.

For the most part, I like her.