Super Busy!

Yikes! This summer is craaaaazzzzyy!!!

I think I might have 1 or 2 weekends free from now until September! 4 months just full of stuff!! And really, I am not that popular, so I do not know how I am so busy.

This Weekend
  • Spring cleaning
  • Skank night (out with the girls . . our first letters in our name spell Skank . . we aren't really skanks)
  • Mother's Day
  • Bryce's Dedication
May 16th Weekend
  • Possibly moving our stuff from Fredericksburg VA
  • Nina & Jinx's 2nd birthday!
  • Tina's Bridal Shower
May 23rd Weekend
  • Carrissa's baby shower
  • Dan & Marissa visiting!
May 30th Weekend
  • Jeremy & Tina's Stag & Drag
  • KT's shower
June 6th Weekend
  • Kenny Chesney concert!! (Miranda Lambert, Sugarland, Lady Antebellum, and Montgomery Gentry too!)
June 13th Weekend
  • KT & Mike's housewarming/Pittsburgh shower parties
  • Carolyn's baby shower
June 20th Weekend
  • KT's not a bachelorette party
  • Carrissa's due date!
  • Daddy's Day!
June 27th Weekend
  • Jeremy & Tina's wedding
July 4th Weekend
  • The ushe family get-togethers
July 11th Weekend
  • KT & Mike's Wedding
  • Daddy's Bday celebrations
July 18th Weekend
  • Possibly free weekend . . this was going to be the weekend of the GE track meet in sunny San Diego, but I realized I'm waaaay out of shape and need a year to get back where I need to be.
  • So maybe Cedar Point trip instead
July 25th Weekend
  • Cedar Point weekend?
  • Or "desperate relax and do nothing" weekend
August 1st Weekend
  • Nikkie's bridal shower
August 8th Weekend
  • KT & Mike's Pittsburgh reception
August 15th Weekend
  • Relax?
August 22nd Weekend
  • Nikkie's kidnapping weekend (AKA - bachelorette party to an undisclosed and undecided location)
Couple weekends free . . yay! Then . .

September 12th Weekend

  • Nikkie & Matt's Wedding
  • Shayna & Matt's Wedding (not quite sure how we are going to go to two weddings at once)
  • Grandparents Day!
And then hopefully back to normal! I just want some days to relax and enjoy Erie!! I was so excited we moved back so we could go to Presque Isle and Waldameer and the Erie Zoo, and it doesn't even look like we will have the time this year!

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j*amy said...

hey! i'll be at 75% of those things too ;)

this summer is NUTS.