Packing Up!

Last Wednesday we made our last trip to our house in Virginia. We had movers come and pack everything up!
While they did that, we all did yard work. The grass was rather tall and there were soooooooooo many leaves that needed raked up. My mommy and our pup Behren came to help us out!
He was such a good boy!
When I was weed-wacking I found a HUGE spider like this one, my mom found this HUGE bee (above), and then I found this: The skin of a cicada!
And here are lots of boxes all packed up ready to be loaded on the truck!
And more! I think I am going to miss our kitchen the most! It was so big! . . . And I'm going to miss our big fenced in back yard.
Oh my gosh! So I seriously wish I could've bottled the scent up of this Lily flower! It smelled like grape sweet tarts!! Best smelling flower EVER!! But I was so excited to see all of the flowers I planted so big and so beautiful! We put a lot of work into the landscaping, and it looks great! The rose bush quadrupled in size and had 3 big roses on it!
Getting ready to leave. One last sit on our selfmade deck. Kisses all around.
There she is. All packed and ready to go (minus our lawnmower that somebody stole :-( . . bummer!)
Our last visit to our house. I hugged Shane when we were getting ready to leave and just started to cry. It was like we were closing another chapter of our lives together.

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amy grace said...

awe, it's ok! one chapter ends and another begins! and you'll get a great house in ERIE close to all of us!!! :) glad your move up was good and everything went well!!!