Bryce's Dedication

On Mother's Day, Shane and I also got the opportunity to see our niece, Bryce, get dedicated at church.
A lot of people don't really understand what getting "dedicated" means. I found a good explanation online . . . "I am an Independant fundamental Baptist and we do this at our church. When a baby is dedicated to the church all it means is that the church prays for the child and Gods will and way in the childs life .It does not mean that the child is now saved ar anything like that. It is more so a public confession or prayer that the child may grow up to be under Gods authority and will. It is The parents saying " We give this child back to you Lord"
** the child would have a choice when they grow up. This dedication is only giving God back what is his and saying that the parents realize that the child belongs to God and the parents want God to work in the childs life. there is nothing magical about it. The child can grow up and still make a choice to turn away from God or give his life to God. Salvation is a personal choice."Brycee did so good! She didn't cry and was looking at him when he was praying for her.
Bryce being cute! The super yummy cake that Bryce got for her dedication! Too bad she fell asleep as soon as we got home, so we had to celebrate without her!
Sommer's dad and mom, Sommer, Bryce, & Bry!! They are so cute!

Congrats on your dedication Brycee! Along with God, we are always here for you!

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