House in a Garage!

Well, we got our stuff moved back . . . . . . we don't really have a house to put it all in since we are living in Shane's dad's house, and we don't want to pay for storage, so Shane's dad was gracious enough, to let us keep all our crap @ his house in his garage.
We had to lock up the kitties while the movers were there (we did bring in our living room furniture and a couple other things) . . . . they were not very happy.Shane's dad cutting the lawn! We have it made! He brings our mail to us every day, plows for us in the winter, and cuts our lawn in the summer! Maybe this isn't so bad!
So if you ever wondered what a house looks like in a garage, there you go! Hopefully soon things will work out so we can get our own place, but until then we will greatly appreciate the house, the mail to our kitchen counter, the driveway plowed, the grass cut, and the storage space!

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